I went for a walk to the coffee shop near my house this afternoon because it was such a beautiful day, only, I had two guys in a beat up bronco drive past me on my little adventure yelling “fucking faggot!” to me as I crossed the cross walk…

I blew them a kiss.

Chillin’ with the sunshine! ☀️

To the guy in heels,

I was shopping for a wedding this coming weekend with my friend this evening when she and I crossed paths with you at the mall. You were a very tall gentleman wearing hot pink heels with a hot pink top. I noticed when you walked by you seemed reluctant to look at people in the face, maybe in fear of what others would think, or thought? Forget those who laughed at the register, or looked in confusion, because my friend and I applaud you. It may not be my personal choice of attire, like most men, and it may not be something common to come across in public, but for an individual to be brave enough to be different and wear what he/she chooses, for themselves no less, not others, was truly inspiring to see. This world can be a cruel place and I only hope that more individuals who see you struttin’ keep an open mind and applaud, rather than laugh.

Kudos to you,


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mentaltimetraveller | Blair Thurman

Mari Andrews

Polka-dots florets plant (by Au Petit Gout)

Pretty in pink. Sarjaton Mug. Online & Instore #valentinesgiftidea (at www.poketo.com/shop/living)

She always finds the coziest spots. #mylittlelucca

Definitely my style! Such a beautiful interior. Oh, and need not forget the puppy!

The things that staying home alone while shopping for interior furnishings through IKEA’s website does for me, that going out with friends doesn’t…


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Megan Galante, 42 Vaginas, 2014

Sophie Bueno Boutellier,

Cy Twombly, Souvenir de L’Ile des Saintes, 1979